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    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 07 November, 2015.

    ZXY6010S NC DC-DC Power Supply Module 60V 10A 600W Programmable Constant Voltage Current

    Price:  R1,842.90
    ZXY6010S NC DC-DC Power Supply Module 60V 10A 600W Programmable Constant Voltage Current


    ZXY-6010S is single output programmable switch power supply. Its specification is 60V, 10A, 600W. It designed by DC-DC modularization ,has a small size and a high output power. Besides, it has equipped with TTL serial interface, provide a serial communication protocol, allows user to secondary development, we can according to your design and test requirements to provide versatile solutions.

    Main special features and advantages:

    Based on BUCK structure of switch power supply technology, the work frequency reach up to 150 KHz
    DC input voltage range : DC 13V-62V, which is suitable for multiple kinds of pre-stage input power supplies
    Operation key and multi-function encoder combine for the operation, it is convenient and easy to use
    High accuracy and high resolution: 10 mV / 10 mA
    Low ripple and low noise
    Indicator light: Constant current(CC) ,constant voltage (CV) and output state (ON) indicator
    LCD1602 display
    Adjust voltage and current by adjustment knob and keys
    Support measuring and displaying output voltage, output current, output power, output electric quantity (AH) and working time
    Intelligent temperature detection, can connect an external DC12V fan, and control its speed in level 5
    The minimum voltage difference 2V can still work steadily
    With output turn off function key, flexible turn on or off output
    10 groups of parameter settings of M0-M9, which can be conveniently called out at any moment
    Prompt for operation or alarm function of onboard buzzer
    Convenient and simple three-phase charge intelligent control function of storage battery
    With TTL serial communication, and improved communication protocol so as to be convenient for centralized control


    Input voltage: 13V - 62V
    Output voltage: 0-60V
    Output current: 0-10A
    Output power: 0-600W
    Setup resolution of output voltage: 10mV
    Setup resolution of output current: 10mA
    Source regulation: CV is less than 0.5% + 10 mV CC is less than 1% + 5 mA
    Load regulation: CV is less than 0.5% + 10 mV CC is less than 1% + 5 mA
    Output ripple: < 50mVpp (Input 54 V, 12 V output, current 8A)
    Volatility transmission ratio of 100 Hz: < 1/10000
    Typical Efficiency: 88% (input 54 V, output 36 V, current 8A)
    The Voltage / Current display precision: 10mV, 10mA
    Display error of Voltage: ±1%+50mV
    Display error of Current: ±2%+20mA
    Response time: < 50ms
    Memory operation: 10 group parameters storage of M0-M9
    Protection type: OTP, OVP, OCP, OPP, OAH, OFT
    Heat sink method: heat sink and fan (optional)
    Operating ambient temperature: 0 to 40℃
    Storage ambient temperature: -20 to 70℃
    Use ambient: For indoor use , maximum humidity is 80%
    Power module dimension: 85 x 63 x 70mm
    Control module dimension: 130 x 85 x 43mm


    ZXY6010S type, the output is TTL serial signal, when connected to a computer, you need to convert.
    Significant improvements in this product is that all control displays are reserved for the interface, which means that users do not weld out any components on the board, you can add lines to external connect switches, buttons, LCD, CC-CV-OUT indicator, coding, etc., here is the detail cable interface definition and modification recommendations!

    ZXY6010S expansion interface description:

    J4: switch expansion interface, when J4 external connection, the power switch on the board must be in the OFF state.
    J12: On the left a small box from left to right P1:com, P2: ↑ keys, P3: ↓ keys, P4: <> / M button, P5: SEL button, P6: OUT / OK button.
    J6: On the top small box from top to bottom P1: P1 pin encoder, P2: encoder com, P3: P3 pin encoder.
    J3: The right of the small box from right to left P1: OUT +, P2: OUT-, when the power output leads to use, when using need to OFF JUMP1, JUMP2 short point.
    J2: On the left of small box from left to right P1: CV +, P2: CV-, P3: CC +, P4: CC-, P5: OUT +, P6: OUT-. OUT indicator which corresponds to the resistance R25, R27 corresponding CV indicator, R28 corresponding CC indicator, if you want to change the resistance of these three sizes, adjust the brightness of the external lights.

    More details: Please click here to download!

    Package included:

    1 x ZXY6010S power module
    1 x ZXY6010S control module
    1 x 6P cable
    2 x large current connect line

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